The Cannabible by Jason King

The Cannabible, by Jason King is the most exciting new look at Marijuana, as never seen before.

The Cannabible begins with a very informative introduction to the heritage of Sensemilla written by Robert Connell Clarke.

"Cannabis grows in every imaginable shade of color, with infinite shapes, flavors, aromas and effects. I have tasted more flavors in Marijuana thank in food. This amazing plant needed to be seen in all its glory. I dedicate my life to documenting (and sampling) the world's finest Cannabis strains..." - Jason King


"The CannaBible is the most accurate and informative publication I've ever seen. I proudly display both volumes on my coffee table. There is not another book in print that can even come close to this beautiful work of art. This book is a must have for any Cannabis Connoisseur."

- Robert Griffin

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