Does Marijuana Make You a Better Person?

Do No Harm? In our competitive culture, it is difficult to maintain personal conduct compatible with the higher ideals of love and compassion. Less self-absorption and more concern for the greater good, according to the psychology of transformation can be accelerated: by practices of self discipline, through personal reflection, through the administration of entheogens and at times by involuntary shocks to the system. These activities all share the common denominator of changing the invisible backdrop - known in esoteric language as the vibration. While conventional science does not recognize the vibratory essence or state of being of a person, there can be no question that life offers unlimited experiences of unique flavor, memory and effect, and that these nuances impact our whole being to determine perception and therefore behavior. In the ancient teaching of the Science of Vibration, to fine tune one's own life energy purposefully and to blend it into a harmonious unity is descriptive of a more peaceful, less worried, more accepting and less distracted personality, without hidden agendas and therefore naturally emanating concern with/for the greater good, born from love and compassion.

  Throughout the records of all times and locales, there has always been a dominant culture with practical and self-serving indoctrinations and many who are counter to the culture representative of the idealistic whose interest is naturally, automatically, inherently turned toward inner reality and timeless values. One such explanation for the wide gap in individual human motivation was offered by the Fourth Way teacher, Gurdjieff, who taught that only those persons with a "Magnetic Center," (mysterious inner elemental yearning) are attracted to the mystical or evolutionary experience. Eastern Philosophy concurs with its own details, that some souls in this embodiment are receptive to the ladder of evolution. Throughout the annals of recorded history all over the world, marijuana has served as a gentle, reliable and sure way to open channels of awareness.

Marijuana has been a constant companion to those with spiritual leanings for thousands of years, having been most revered in the teachings of the Indian Vedas where it was called "gift of the gods." It might just as appropriately been called the "breath of life" since ultimately the Marijuana Experience is enhancement and expansion of the breathing pattern from which the physical, psychological and even the spiritual aspects of life are elevated. There are enormous benefits to the human organism garnered from the long-term regular utilization of marijuana stemming directly from its innate, near-instantaneous effect of releasing tension in the pattern of the breath. According to Eastern Philosophy, freedom and fullness of the entire breathing mechanism defines well-being, and the patterns themselves affect our emotions and in turn our states of being. This is a mammoth topic in itself and volumes of Indian Philosophy are taught concerning the wide-spectrum and deeply imbedded extent that the "Breath" holds over our consciousness....