The Cannabible 2 by Jason King

Its finally here. The Cannabible 2, by Jason King is being printed now and it's even more beautiful than the first.

The Cannabible 2 begins with a brilliant introduction written by Joan Bello, author of "The Benefits of Marijuana; Physical, Psychological, & Spiritual." Its entitled "Does Marijuana Make You A Better Person?" We agree that it most certainly does, but you are free to decide for yourself.


"The Cannabible 2 has achieved the impossible. It's even better than the original! My good friend Jason King has blessed the world with another stunning and informative masterpiece."

-- Jack Herer, author:

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Featuring over 150 new gorgeous cannabis strains, The Cannabible 2 is guaranteed to please everyone from the occasional toker to the most discerning connoisseur.

To get a nice taste of what The Cannabible 2 is all about we have provided a listing of the included Side-Bar Topics, a Sample of Joan Bello's Intro, a Partial Strain List and parts of the Introduction & Afterward by Jason King. Also preview some of the amazing photos in our Sample Photo Gallery.